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Justin Case, I don't understand the continual whining by you right wingers about the media. Why should the New York Times carry the stories you want on their front page? Go read the Washington Examiner. Do you go to the grocery store and cry because your flavor of ice cream is not on the shelf? The Washington Post is not a public service, it is a business in a competitive, capitalistic, environment. We read or listen to Fox media and laugh. I invite you to do the same.

Republican friends complain to me all the time that the MSM is keeping secrets. If you know about it is not a secret being kept from you, is it?

Don't make me explain to you why Facebook does not want evil spread on their pages. Go over to Parler.

Justin Place your New Year's resolution should be to stop weeping about the unfairness of capitalism.

From: The world isn’t his | Tom Camfield

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