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This public space available for anyone on the FWPDA board who wants to reveal who put up the mystery $200k.

Thanks Larry for your thoughts. Because of your impressive background in grant writing and military service it seems your carefully considered input should be respected by the FWPDA. The FWPDA cannot consider input that reveals its special interest focus. State Parks, no matter how sub let, should serve all of the people. They are the true owners.

I have had several visitors this week regarding the FWPDA situation, and other positive input from those reading Leader and Free Press articles and comments. None seem to want to publicly go on record. One fears reprisal from the City with permits in process. One person also lamented that we are not thanked for preventing full title of Fort Worden from going to the FWPDA in 2012. If you want thanks and credit you are in the wrong game. One can only imagine the wreckage if the FWPDA had full title. The removal of dozens of Leader comments from 2012 shows someone needed to clean up the trail of the FWPDA and public concerns that proved to be prophetic.

The FWPDA is not Fort Worden, or a positive steward. The FWPDA is the City of Port Townsend and all the dysfunction that goes with that. Thinly veiled. The record is crystal clear. Kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight. Time for a new beginning without the old baggage.

From: Details needed on new structure for PDA | Letter to the editor

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