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The takeover by the FWPDA started with the State Attorney General. The record is clear. The same institutions that caused the problems are not the best to self assess. Someone who was on the Fort Worden Advisory Council (pre FWPDA) became a Parks Commissioner who had influence regarding the final results. The end result was pre determined and other options were not allowed to be explored. Time for that exploration now that we see the fruits of what was allowed, and not stopped by State Audits.

The revolving door with 20 year City Manager Timmons now at the helm of the FWPDA doing damage control caused by past city employee Robeson, fired for ethics violations before becoming FWPDA director. who Timmons has known for years, is inappropriate.

There is still no information regarding who gave the FWPDA $200,000 recently. This is not the promised more open FWPDA. Remember that the FWPDA and the Leader owner at the time wanted full title to the Fort. Public input prevented that. The link below from 2012 shows how that happened. The comments I replaced recently were deleted. Why?,49740

This link from 2012 with the FWPDA being the only option, with comments also deleted and replaced by me shows public concerns with staffing and no real plan. Why would anyone remove these comments? They are all as relevant today.,49449

Malfeasance. As of right now the public is in the dark regarding where responsibility will be officially designated. The Leader has little information on this process, as it unfolds behind closed curtains.

The Fat Smittys dollar bill caper has no less than 4 stories. Which has greater impact for all?

No matter that finding, the entire FWPDA board failed to set up a system of checks and balances to protect funds from being misappropriated. They also approved the destined for failure “glamping” project. And more.

Timmons is being credited for working miracles with Kitsap Bank. Kitsap also failed to have checks and balances before releasing funds. Hundreds of thousands of dollars. Of course Kitsap Bank is going to work with anyone they have handed to them, to fix their mistake. A new deal is the only option other than bankruptcy. The FWPDA and Kitsap Bank are both guilty of extreme carelessness. Chips fall where they may.

We are now in the situation where the FWPDA board is using 20 year PT City Manager Timmons as Executive Director. He is so ingrained in City methods and devised them. So many know his methods as smoke and mirrors, leading to 17 million in City Debt, failing roads, privatized Cherry Street and its champion Appointed Mayor Sandoval. Sandoval signed the FWPDA into existence. Timmons was right there as City Manager. Timmons broke a direct representation to me regarding fixing parking problems after he helped deconstruct the volunteer parking enforcement team. Timmons does not enjoy a good reputation regarding public input and management skills. IS HE THE BEST FOR THIS JOB OR THE BEST FOR THE CITY?

Many see a bad outcome just down the road after the FWPDA has made sure it remains in control. Timmons has his play book. Control. He is using it here. Privatization. It was the goal from the beginning if you look at the record. The public said no. God no. Timmons wants to “Cherry Street” the poor foster child that the Campus at Fort Worden has become, because the FWPDA blew it and can’t admit it. Raw ego at work. How convenient that privatization is Timmons (representing all power players) solution. Who represents the People of the State of Washington that owns Fort Worden. The FWPDA would own all of Fort Worden if no one had spoken up in 2012. They have a 50 year lease on the Campus only. The people spoke. They need to again.

While the board is under investigation with audits with criminal aspects it seeks to cement itself further by continuing to implement plans and debt that anyone taking over from them will be saddled with. How God Damn Dare They. How God Damn Dare the State of Washington let them. The State that was the true architect of the hand over to the FWPDA on a hurried time line 7 or so years ago?

Look. Another hurried time line. Is jail time in the future of any of these architects? Yet they want to build on the very bad foundation.

The promise of being more transparent seems to be off on the wrong foot. Who put up the $200,000 mentioned twice to keep the FWPDA afloat for the very short term?

Years ago at my business I casually asked a woman making a purchase where she was from and what she did for a living. Those questions have provided me with a sense of so much over the years. This was around 2012 when I was very vocal trying to keep the FWPDA from gaining title, then having a more widely based inclusive board and plan (that failed). This woman leaned in close and kind of mockingly said, “I am in development in a way. Some of the things we do take 10 years or more to accomplish.”

Privatization. Exclusive not inclusive majority of tenants (“partners”) = Special interests.

There is talk about the homeless. Those who are victims and those who chose the lifestyle. Some say you can enable the wrong people by catering to them. Some are hooked on bad substances. Lets think about the FWPDA in the same terms. They chose their methods. They are hooked on them, bad substance.

Their methods keep the public at a distance so they can administrate what should have a soul. Soul comes from hands on efforts by the true owners and those they chose to benefit. I once again submit that Veterans, especially those with PTSD and First Responders from medical to police deserve a place to call theirs, and all of ours. We trust them. They earned it.

Give them this monument to bring back to its great potential. I will help. Just eliminate all the pimps and double dealers keeping “us” away from the soul.

Years ago regarding the Pike Place PDA I said “The Pike Place Market doesn’t need a Soul, it has the PDA PR department”. True then and there. True here and now. Don’t believe the PR.

Stop the momentum. Stop the machine that mindlessly absorbs all it can for reasons it probably doesn’t even understand.

Time out. Re Set. Get rid of the overpaid and underqualified. They are leeches and parasites. Those who built Fort Worden deserve far more respect. Get this foster child a caring family. Vets and PTSD First Responders. They make us proud. The FWPDA and so many involved do not.

I know first hand of the money available in private hands near and far, I know proud people of rank can get this done along with the enlisted. I know the pride we have in our military vets and First Responders. I know some in town and further away know how to get grants for good causes like Vets and First Responders. Makers Place as a place to heal is ideal. Some would find a calling in art, craft, or other aspects that can be shared. The public can participate and purchase some items some would learn to make. There could be a proud Brand created. Something real.

For others Fort Worden could be just a place to get away for a brief while and heal a bit. Perhaps they could help rebuild. Who keeps this fertile idea and fertile ground from becoming one?

Special interests. The hurried time line is part of the play book.

From: Details needed on new structure for PDA | Letter to the editor

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