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Jefferson County Board of Commissioners have refused to listen to common sense explanations from the public about why the proposed increase in the minimum fee makes no sense.

The 'analysis' done by the Solid Waste division of Public Works uses King County rates for comparison to justify their DOUBLING of fees. That's a totally dishonest approach, and they've been allowed to get away with it by the BoCC.

Worse, the BoCC just passed a law that allows Solid Waste to increase fees in the future with NO PUBLIC HEARING. No notice other than a 1-liner on the BoCC's weekly consent agenda which is published online only 24 hours in advance.

When was the last time most people paid any attention to that? Get ready for more of this pain, soon and often, when SW finds out that their estimates for building their new facility are grossly incorrect and the have to raise fees even more.

Meanwhile, they've closed the place on Monday -- don't even think about trying to get in on Tuesday unless you've got 30+ minutes to waste in line.

From: Waste fees are trash

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