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I was so disappointed when I saw the preliminary plan the Consultants have been working on. The plan they were 'charged' to make up by Council and the Mayor - a Central Park Concept with modifications to include Council's priorities. This preliminary plan had over 57 housing units. A whole row of houses along San Juan smack damned on the Deed Restricted Property. Another one of the rows of houses land right on top of the row of lovely mature native trees along Blaine St. And, some were on future predicted wetlands (according to City's 2019 Comp Plan). All these houses may not end up actually going in, but, a plan with lots of housing will be presented to Council in about one month and 1/2 in September for decision. Suppose to be 'AFFORDABLE' housing, but ... hard to know how that many homes can be built and sold for $300,000.00 or less, or rented out for $1,200.00 or less (this is what a recent housing study concluded is 'affordable' with our demographic here in town). So much for deed restrictions or our City's declaration of the Course property as 'Open Space' in their 2020 Plan! No Stakeholder spoke up about those violations. Hopefully, our Council will.

From: ‘Central Park’ idea is fatally flawed

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