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I agree, elect no criminals.

You do understand that in this country we are presumed innocent until proven guilty. I know that goes against your desire to just send Trump to jail for life. Is that really the kind of world we want? I think he's guilty so lock him up.??

Yes, I use the words " Trump Haters, Republican Haters" because that is the reality as I see it.

I do not want to see Trump as the GOP nominee, if that's the best the GOP can do it's pretty sad. If Biden is the best the DNC can do that's pretty sad. If it came down to JFK jr vs. Tim Scott, that would be a real challenge to decide between the two because I think either one could do a good job. With Biden vs. Trump, it's a challenge to decide which one will do less harm.

"As to the constitution that was written by rich white men, who forgot about women, slavery, Native tribes and people who didn't own land."..... The Constitution written in 1787 is not the same Constitution of 2023, the Constitution has been changed 27 times since 1787.

From: 2024 | Tom Camfield

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