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Here's a smile for you tom, dementia means that you remember more clearly things that never happened.

You say the GOP attempts to detour attention from Trump, how is that any different than the DNC detouring attention from the Biden family's dirty dealings by pointing to the allegations against Trump?

You Trump/Republican haters have been calling Trump everything from racist to authoritarian before and ever since he became POTUS. I guess that's ok for you all but not for Trump. "The rhetoric is both inaccurate and potentially dangerous because it attempts to demonize an entire party with a description that has long been associated with America's enemies.", it's laughable how you criticize Trump for doing exactly the same thing you do. And yes, it is polarizing, but if the DNC does it it's ok? NOT!

Referring to the SCOTUS you say "Recent opinions appear to favor, in a thinly-disguised way, white supremacists, the well-to-do, a narrow version of sexuality.". Tom you either have no clue what the role of the court is or you have never read the Constitution.

Show me where in the Constitution it empowers the Executive branch with the power of the purse. It doesn't, but Joe Biden seems to think it does. That sounds like something a socialist would do.

Show me where in the Constitution it empowers the government to compel speech, that's against the first amendment.

It's funny, in your prolog you list the multitudes vying for the GOP nomination in a mocking way, seems more like the party of inclusion to me.

From: 2024 | Tom Camfield

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