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Sterilization costs about $1800 per deer, if done by a professional. You can bring the cost down if you have volunteers help. Transporting them to a sterilization facility costs around $1100 per deer, if you have volunteers transporting.

That said, even if you sterilize them they will still be around for a few years, and probably more will come in from the wild. It cost about $600 per deer for bow hunters to take them out. I guess you could have a bow hunting season inside the city limits, but then there is the risk of killing other animals or even people.

Why do the deer hang out in Port Townsend? Not sure but maybe because some people feed them or grow succulent plants that they love. The only humane way is to build very big fences, not sure what that would cost. Think of them as a tourist attraction.

From: Something must be done about deer herd | Letter to the editor

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