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"the expression “biased media” doesn’t make the expression real after all these years". That's laughable considering who it comes from. Almost every blog Tom has posted here in the Leader over these many years is full of anti-Trump rhetoric and bias.

Today's example of bias in the media, Tom says that Judge Middlebrooks is black, but he is not, he is a 76-year-old white guy. Tom claims that Trump called Judge Middlebrooks findings "racist". I have yet to find any news report that confirms that claim. And then Tom tags the former POTUS as a "white supremacist". A

Another example of media bias right here in the leader is the political cartoons the Leader chooses to publish every week, almost all are either anti-Trump or anti-Republican.

NAH! there's no bias in the media.

From: Taking time | Tom Camfield

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