W.L. Jones launched Leader in 1889; one of many Port Townsend papers

When W.L. Jones launched the Morning Leader in Port Townsend on Oct. 2, 1889, the streets of the city were already crowded with newspapers.

The first came in 1859, followed by several others: The Northwest, the Message, the Argus, the Democratic Press, on and on. Most papers were sponsored by political parties.

The history of newspapers in Jefferson County is generally rambunctious, but the story of one editor, Henry L. Sutton, takes the cake.

In 1867 Al Pettygrove, son o...

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Fowler's building; Jones' newspaper

Town's first masonry building played role in PT and Seattle history

Relentlessly beaten by 140 years of saltwater winds. Pounded through 98 years of  deadline-driven footsteps of newspaper reporters, printers and publishers. The Fowler Building in downtown Port Townsend looks its age.

But for 15 years after its 1874 construction, the two-story sandstone building at 226 Adams Street was the uncontested queen of the young city. It was the first substantial stone building amidst a clapboard town, the community's gathering place, and just one creation of...

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The Port Townsend and Jefferson County Leader supplies free newspapers to classrooms all over Jefferson County so teachers can use the paper to engage students on a wide range of topics. Current events, citizenship and how democracy works are just a few of the areas where newspapers can be an invaluable resource in the classroom.

Our Newspapers in Education program is supported by generous sponsors and individuals throughout the community who agree newspapers can play an important ro...

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The Leader was not Port Townsend’s first newspaper. In 1859 the fewer than 200 literate souls in Port Townsend read the Port Townsend Register. As the town grew so did the papers: The North West, The Message, Puget Sound Argus, Puget Sound Express, Democratic Press, Cyclops, Port of Entry Times, Port Townsend Call and my personal favorite, The Evening Incident. Only the Call lasted until 1910.

On October 2, 1889 W.L. Jones published The Morning Leader, a daily o...

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