This is one of the more absurd quotes I've seen from a public official in some time.  From Susan McIntire, manager of the Jefferson County Fair, regarding turning down the Rhody Fest’s Funtastic Carnival, “mainly” due to security concerns, but also because “Our neighbors don’t like it when we get too loud.” 

Really?  Excuse me, aren't we talking about neighbors who live next to a fairgrounds?  If I live next to the airport, shouldn't I expect airplane noise?  If I live next to the drive-in theater, shouldn't I expect some noise from movies and traffic? 

Such excessive concern over hurting people's feelings is ridiculous. 

And what are the "security concerns" cited? It sounds to me as though there is an unspoken agenda here, and I suspect it is likely due to people who disapprove of carnival rides because of the danger and risk of liability. 

Let's just state what is true rather than making lame excuses about bothering neighbors with noise.

W. Carl Miller

Port Ludlow

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Robin Ray

I understand they can't use the Fairgrounds because the ground itself is too soft. I did notice the large empty field at F Street and San Juan right across from the golf club. With a couple of well-placed Porta Potties, would this space work?

Tom Camfield

And park where? That also is private property.

Marge Samuelson

Why does it have to be in Port Townsend? Put it out at H.J. Carroll Park. Facilities are available, open space, picnic areas. Make it a family event. Just a thought.

Tom Camfield

The carnival's traditional; it's festive. The festival has centered around the present Memorial Field area since the beginning in 1935 or '36. I won 50 cents in a kids' foot race there that first year. I don't know when the carnival first arrived. I know for sure it was there during my teens in the 1940s, when it was a big thing to get a girl to go on one of the wild rides with you. It's been a long time since I dropped in on the carnival, but I certainly don't begrudge it to others because of some personal inconvenience.

The fairgrounds would be an awkward, unhandy place for the carnival. I don't believe the downtown traffic problem is anywhere worse than on festival parade days--or during the Wooden Boat Festival (which shuts off downtown access pretty much entirely). The carnival comes once a year, then goes away. Whatever noise it generates has been an annual thing for more than 75 years--not like it is something new sprung upon the recent purchasers of homes in the area.

David Thielk

Lame excuses, Mr. Miller? With reference to the carnival, it is my opinion that it belongs downtown,at the center of the community and at the center of the Rhody Festival. After all, that is what having the carnival here is all about - to come together as a community and celebrate with our annual Rhody Festival. If it can't be at Memorial Field, then place it in Pope Marine Park, or right Water Street. Spread it around the down town area. But don't marginalize it by taking it out to the fairgrounds where families and children are forced to leave the heart of the festivities to participate in the carnival.
If there is no choice but to move it out of downtown, then i suggest we move it to the parking lot at Port Ludlow. Lot's of space there.

Regarding noise in general - Port Townsend neighborhoods have been increasingly impacted by events at Fort Worden, car and truck events at the fairgrounds, police and EMT sirens, dramatic increases in traffic (and related noise). Downtown is a much better place to make noise. Those of us who live in the neighborhoods are tired of one new event after another, along with more and more traffic coming through our neighborhoods. North Beach in the summer is over the top with traffic (noise). We recognize that there always will be some noise associated with living in town. But enough is enough. If I wanted all of the current noise, I would have lived and worked in Seattle.

Scott Nollette

Here, Here. Seems to me that the Fairgrounds is a perfect location. And a public facility. What written rule or regulation prevents the carnival from being held there? Or is it just arbitrary?

Tom Parks

This is so easy, just have the carnival setup next mr Miller's home and then he can tell us how noisy ( or not ) it really is. ( end sarcasm )
Nothing is static around here ok? I live fairly close to the PT gun range...( lower case ) and the noise has gotten worst and much worst over time.
Seems people just don't give a damn much anymore about how their activities affect other people.
Hey, I like a good carnival, and I like gun ranges, but they need to be a long ways from people so as not to disturb their ( mine and yours too ) peace and quiet.
It's a right we all have, and there are many people looking to take that quiet away from us, why help them, Mr Miller?

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