When a group of people embark on a misbegotten enterprise, other people should be wary. So it is with both the ill-conceived tax cut ripoff and the circus-like Kavanaugh appointment. Now we have clowns in office who shouldn’t be there.

If a lot of money is concentrated at the top doing little but being counterparty to the next Wall Street scam, maybe we should’ve stopped and thought about it before we jumped off a cliff into shallow, rocky waters.

Clearly a tax cut is not what the majority of Americans need right now, since this is the revenue-eliminating side of the Republican budget cuts — six waves of them now — that created a serious recessional crisis.

And remember how the Republicans wheeled out the subversive drug war in order to blame the victims of the initial drop in our economy that left so many people homeless. That diverts attention away from the economic consequences of the budget cuts at that time.

The uninvestigated 2008 collapse similarly threw many people into homelessness and consequent crisis, but the bankers and their friends were more than happy to ride off into the sunset with the loot that time and the time after that (www.icij.org).

Our infrastructure is in even worse shape now than it was back then, the opiate suicide crisis is still going on, and the low housing shortage is more than troubling. It is lethal for those left out in the cold without help. Somehow the combination of housing and solar panels makes sense to me, but greed makes you stupid.

In dark times, the eye begins to see.

Happy Halloween. Let’s hope for a better Thanksgiving. 

Lyle Courtsal


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Tom Camfield

I read the other day that for the budget year ending Sept. 30. there was a budget deficit of $890,000,000,000—up 33.7% from the previous year. All despite the Trump
"tax reform" law cutting taxes for corporate industry and the individually ultra wealthy. A law he blithely assured the public that would pay for itself but in the real world is not producing sufficient revenue. As I recall, Donald also budgeted an increase of $50 billion or so for the military. Financial experts didn't think much of the "reform" law when it was proposed then passed by a Republican Senate—and they still don't.

Shortly before the mid-term election, Donald tossed out another of his lying generalities to middle-class voters when he suddenly announced that plans were afoot for a tax cut for the middle class. That'll be the day when pigs fly!

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