A temporary order of protection was filed against a Chimacum School Board director last week, and the board chair and superintendent have called for Robert Bunker to resign. 

Kitsap County Superior Court granted Holly Bunker the temporary order against Robert Bunker on Oct. 24 for allegations of domestic violence. A follow-up hearing is scheduled for Nov. 1.

“The safety of our students and staff is our highest priority,” Chimacum Superintendent Rick Thompson said in a statement on Tuesday.

Robert Bunker told The Leader he was unsure of his future with the board, but he expressed confidence the order would be lifted at Thursday's hearing. 

Thompson said the school district learned of the temporary order of protection on Oct. 26.

Since then, he and Chimacum School Board Chairman Mike Gould released a joint statement, asking for Robert Bunker to step down. 

“Additional information has arisen, which demonstrates that Mr. Bunker’s private life has become significantly disruptive to the school district, the details of which compromise his ability to be part of the governing board of the school district,” the statement read.

Robert Bunker has served as the Chimacum School Board Director of District 4 since 2013.

In the petition granted by the court, Holly Bunker checked the boxes indicating she lived in Kitsap County and was a “spouse or former spouse” of Robert Bunker, and she stated she was a victim of domestic violence, which she alleged was committed by Robert Bunker.

The petition applied for both Holly Bunker and her son, whom she listed as Robert Bunker’s stepson, citing “infliction of fear of imminent physical harm between household or family members.”

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